Full-service furniture restoration including refinishing, repair, upholstery, touch-up.

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  • Before refinishing any piece of furniture, a thorough evaluation is done to determine whether the project can be fulfilled.
  • If it is a true antique and still has most of its original finish intact, it probably should not be refinished—our goal is to enhance the value of your piece and never to diminish it.


  • If it’s determined that the piece is to be refinished, it is hand-stripped of its old finish. This time-consuming process avoids the damaging effects of submerging a piece of furniture in a large vat of corrosive chemicals.
  • Next, it is prepared for finishing, which can consist of filling holes, gouges, and dents, and lightly sanding the wood.
  • The final step is coloring the wood and applying the new finish. The finish color and sheen are done to your preferences.

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  • Before we determine the cost, we will examine your furniture to determine if repairs are needed. Our estimators are experienced at seeing problems that you may not be aware of. Our goal is to give you an idea of the extent of the repairs as much as possible before the job is started.
  • If a problem is found after the project is started, we will call you and outline the problem and the additional cost to repair. We will not proceed with the job until you give your approval.


Our skilled woodworkers can do all types of furniture repair including:

  • Re-gluing
  • Veneer repair and replacement
  • Custom turned legs
  • Carving replacement parts
  • Furniture modification such as replacing of tabletops, tabletop extension rails, legs, and hardware
  • Pressed  cane

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The following touch-up services can be done in our shop or in your home:

  • Filling, coloring, and sealing of minor scratches rubbed areas, burns, dents, and chips
  • Removing water rings
  • Minor repairs of loose veneer
  • Replacing some hardware
  • Blind stitching of a loose fabric seam

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Our skilled upholsterers can upholster all types of furniture, cornices, and wall panels in fabric, leather, or vinyl.


  • We remove all of the old fabric, unlike many upholstery shops.
  • The frame and springs are evaluated. If a problem is detected, you are notified and a solution discussed.
  • Padding is evaluated and replaced or added if necessary.
  • The new fabric is cut, sewn, and applied. If the fabric is so loosely woven that it may unravel along the edges, the edges are finished with a special sewing machine.

Additional upholstery services:

  • Replacing springs
  • 8-way spring tying
  • Replacing elastic and non-elastic webbing
  • Replacing foam
  • Replacing or supplementing down/feathers
  • Making loose cushions and throw pillows
  • Button and tufting
  • Channeling

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